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The Lean Back Office

We are building the predictive AI engine for the finance function. Our technology enables businesses to scale without having to increase their back-office finance spend.

Problem, and why we're solving it

In 2022, the global financial markets faced impending downside risks, revealing the unpreparedness of businesses amidst a growth surge fueled by low-interest rates.

Companies, caught up in unprecedented borrowing and lending, expanded operations without anticipating the storm of rising interest rates. Recognizing this threat, FinanceOps was founded to address the urgent need of companies to shift towards cost-cutting and accelerated revenue collection.

Today, the consequences are evident—over $600 billion in US delinquencies and household debt exceeding $17 trillion exacerbated by rising interest rates.

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Who we are

Fintech and Banking veterans with over 100 years of collective experience by working within or creating solutions for the CFOs back office.

Our experts specialize in AI-powered AR/AP automation, Payments, Treasury, Credit Decision Models, and more, ensuring comprehensive proficiency across key domains of financial operations.


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